Fixed instruments

Metrum's fixed instruments provide customers with continuous and efficient power quality measurement in for instance network stations.

Metrum PQX3 arrow_forward

The PQX3 product range of instruments is designed to deliver high-quality measurement data with focus on energy and power quality.

Metrum PQ/VQ arrow_forward

Class A power quality measurement for installation in transformer sub-stations.

Metrum PQR arrow_forward

Rack mounted combined instrument for energy, power quality and disturbance analysis.

Metrum SC arrow_forward

Energy and power quality monitoring in network stations.

Portable instruments

The portable instruments delivered by Metrum enable measurement of power quality wherever the customer wishes, rapidly and user friendly.

Metrum PQX3-FR-Portable arrow_forward

The Metrum PQX3-FR-P Portable Instrument is developed to meet the latest measurement requirements including both Class A Power Quality (PQI-A) and full featured Fault Recording techniques.

Metrum SPQ/SPQx arrow_forward

Easy to use power quality instrument with a robust design.

Metrum PQ Smart arrow_forward

Single phase reference meter for power quality in a power socket.