More and more buildings are equipped with advanced monitoring and control equipment. It covers ventilation, lighting, heating etc. With new technology come new problems, many of which can be attributed to poor power quality. This is primarily noticed in shortened service life, damaged components and reduced functionality.

The impact of power quality on building operation

Our buildings are becoming more complex in terms of heating, ventilation and lighting. The loads used by residents and businesses such as computers, printers, TVs, refrigerators and freezers etc. affect the power environment in the building.

The collaborative effects of these different loads can manifest themselves in different ways, for example cables and transformers overheating, light bulbs having shorter lives and problems with time controls.

Comprehensive monitoring

With its comprehensive product range, Metrum can offer continuous energy and power quality monitoring down to distribution board level. Metrum also has portable solutions where, in addition to the 3-phase instruments, there is equipment specially developed for measurement directly from wall sockets.

Metrum’s measurement system has a user friendly tool that gives complete documentation for every situation.