Quality is crucial when it comes to power

Uninterrupted and clean power is essential for the proper functioning of every data center. By measuring the power quality, operators can monitor their data center’s health and stay informed about any potential issues.

  • Reliable power supply
  • Prevent equipment failure
  • Find source to problem

Ensure reliable and stable power supply with Power Quailty measurements

By monitoring and analyzing power quality datacenter can identify potential issues and act before disturbances occurs. Taking proactive steps to prevent downtime, datacenters can ensure a reliable and stable power supply, minimizing the risk of costly outages and ensuring maximum uptime for their customers.

Harmonics is for an example of a type of electrical distortion often created from renewable energy sources that can cause problems with equipment performance. This can result in distorted voltage waveforms that can cause overheating of electrical equipment, reduce the lifespan of critical components, and lead to equipment malfunction or failure.

The awareness of new energy sources and increased energy demand has resulted in many datacenters investing in power quality system to prevent costly issues.

Power quality is essential to ensure that data centers can operate 24/7 without interruption. The ideal state of power quality is having clean and stable AC power that oscillates at 50 Hz or 60 Hz, forming a perfect sine wave without noise or distortion. However, data centers can experience various types of power quality problems that can impact their performance. Here are some of the most common interferences:

  • Voltage sag: A brief decrease in the supply voltage below 90% of the normal voltage level that can cause flickering lights, data loss, and storage issues.
  • Transients: Extremely brief overvoltages that can reach several thousand volts, leading to the destruction of power supply units and IT hardware damages.
  • Harmonics: Multiples of the basic oscillation that can cause overheating of equipment and malfunctioning of circuit breakers and fuses.
  • Voltage deviations: These result from switch operations in the power grid or starting up heavy loads, leading to reduced efficiencies and even a shutdown due to an under-voltage trip.

Power quality issues can cause instability in power infrastructure, resulting in unforeseeable reboots of IT equipment or more critical scenarios such as disconnection from the distribution grid. Therefore, it’s essential to understand which components are causing these problems to ensure that data centers can operate smoothly.

The process of measure, record, analyze, and improve is essential in power quality management. Easy-to-install devices like PQx3FR enable data center operators to obtain a comprehensive overview of their infrastructure’s health. PQx3FR is very easy to install and measures power quality and performs analyses in compliance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Edition 3. Power quality evaluation results are available through a web browser or management platforms.

Automatic alarms and reports show measurement results including graphs, trends, and standards for preventive maintenance!

At our company, we provide power quality solutions to help you diagnose, prevent, and address power quality issues in your data center. Our state-of-the-art monitoring tools can identify potential issues early to optimize your power usage, reduce energy costs, and extend equipment lifespan. Don’t let power quality issues impact your data center’s performance.

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