Energy and network companies have been actively working on issues related to disturbances and power quality on the power transmission and distribution network for a long time, as it is a natural part of their business.

The main focus so far has been charting disturbances in the power transmission and distribution network that affects the protective equipment, because this can lead to involuntary disconnection of parts of the network, which in turn impacts on the end customers.

Disturbances on the electrical grid lead to increased costs

The introduction of increasing amounts of electronics in electrical apparatus has meant that the electrical network is affected by new forms of disturbances from connected loads, for example harmonic related problems, flicker and transients.

Also there are increasing problems with unbalance and voltage dips because single phase loads and loads with significant start currents are becoming more common.

Industry today is completely dependent on reliable electrical supply because each interruption can lead to costly production stoppage. In addition, problems with the quality of power give rise to increased losses in transmission in the network, which also lead to higher costs for the power transmission and distribution network companies.

It is therefore important to measure both energy and power quality in prioritized sections of the network in order to be able to plan the best possible and most cost effective action.

Recommended solution for utilities

Today it is possible to measure the power supply characteristics at different levels in the power transmission and distribution network. Metrum has customized measurement instruments that can be installed in all parts of the network and that function as control instruments for both energy and power quality.

A recommended solution for measurement and control of energy losses and power quality related costs in a power and transmission network is to install measurement instruments at strategic points at all voltage levels.

  • Transformer stations
  • Sub-stations
  • Supply points

Metrum’s measurement instruments are designed to be able to carry out an intelligent analysis of the measurement result and provide a completed response in accordance with the applicable voltage characteristics norms such as EN 50160, EIFS 2013:1 and FoL.