Industry is ever more dependent on a secure and reliable power supply at the same time as energy prices are increasing. Over the last few years the use of electronics has increased dramatically, which has led to increased occurrence of electrical disturbance while creating a more sensitive power environment for equipment connected to the power and transmission network.

This creates a need to increase the understanding of how we utilize energy. By measuring and analyzing the power quality and the energy flows it is possible to reduce the number of disturbances at the same time as minimizing energy losses and managing energy usage.

Disturbances on the electrical grid

The utilities are responsible for the power quality to the point of delivery to the customer. Thereafter, each industry/company is responsible for their own internal electrical network.

Because today’s machines and loads significantly impact on the power quality, they often create an internal problem in each industry.

This has created a need to monitor internal electrical networks in industry and give early alarm in the event of any harmful disturbances. Several power quality problems also tend to increase with time, which increases the need to receive early information and alarms before they lead to serious and expensive problems.

Cost effective solution

Metrum has tackled this problem head on and customized measurement units and systems that can be installed directly at each piece of equipment or, alternatively, at sub-stations for continuous standard analysis of power quality and disturbances. This creates the opportunity to reduce losses and correct problems before they impact.

It is important to have the opportunity to analyze measurements against the applicable norms, when measuring power quality. For industrial customers it is especially important to be able to carry out the analysis from an EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) perspective and to check the immunity and emission limits.

Metrum’s measurement units support this by being able to produce reports in accordance with the applicable EMC norms such as EN 61000-2-2 (LV) and EN 61000-2-12 (MV). These norms state the compatibility levels for the common connection point for the distribution network. In addition to this it is possible to carry out the analysis in accordance with EN 50160 and EIFS 2013:1.

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