System application

Metrum offers a comprehensive system with several add-on modules to give you a complete overview of all your instruments in your grid together with advanced analysis and straightforward automatic reports.

Metrum PQ Controller DB arrow_forward

Metrums's powerful client/server system with automatic scheduled downloading of data and comprehensive analysis tools.


Metrum GIS arrow_forward

The GIS-module gives you a geographic overview of your system. The module is included in PQ Controller DB, described above.

Metrum Management Web Reports arrow_forward

Management Web Reports allows everyone in the organization to get a full overview of the power quality in the grid.

Metrum Power Monitor arrow_forward

Application specifically designed for reliable monitoring and easily accessible data presentation at the substation level.

Metrum PQ Web arrow_forward

Web based interface for analysis of PQ data. Gives everyone at the company a clear view of the quality of the power transmission and distribution network.

Metrum system integration arrow_forward

Metrum supports import and export of data to a large number of external systems. Our flexibility also allows adaptation of the integration to just your system.

Metrum PQ4Cast arrow_forward

CONTROL THE FUTURE WITH BETTER GRID KNOWLEDGE With AI we can analyse large volumes of data, opening up limitless opportunities. However, it is only when we have a tool that is programmed for a specific task that we can effectively analyse the information and reach great results.

Instrument applications

Metrum’s instruments always include software for real-time analysis and configuration together with an independent analysis application with event history, graphic analysis tools and report generator.

Metrum PQ Controller arrow_forward

Basic software for instrument configuration.

Metrum PQ Viewer arrow_forward

Basic software for event analysis, weekly report generating and viewing of long-time variation.