Installation and Update

I need to reinstall/upgrade the Metrum softwares on my computer. How do I get access to the latest software versions?

Our softwares can be downloaded in our Customer portal. Contact Metrum for login details.

We have bought the Metrum database solution. Who needs access to which software?

DB Viewer: For the standard user who should be able to analyse measurement data from in the database

PQ Controller: For those who need to be able to login to the measurement instrument models PQ120/140 & SPQf/SPQfx and do real time analysis and instrument configuration.

SC Controller: For those who need to be able to login to Metrum SC instrument for real time analysis and instrument configuration.

MetAdmin: Is used for administration of the database system and should only be installed on the same server where the download service MetDac Multiple Port is installed.

Instrument service

I need to return my instrument for service/repair/calibration/upgrade. To where should I send it?

Go to the service section found in the Support menu. There you will find further information. Please also fill in the service form and send along with the instrument.

How often do I need to calibrate the instruments and what is the procedure?

From 2014 all measurement instrument models for fixed/permanent installation has a six year calibration interval.

Portable instruments has a one year calibration interval.

The instruments need to be returned to Metrum for calibration. Refer to the information in the service section found in the Support menu on how to return instruments.


I am using a USB-RS232 adapter delivered by Metrum when login in to my instruments. Where do I find the drivers for this adapter.

The USB-RS232 adapter delivered by Metrum is the brand Aten and modell UC232A. Drivers could be found on the manufacturers webpage

I am trying to connect to a Metrum SC instrument via the instrument USB port but does not succeed. What could be wrong?

The first time you are connecting to an SC instrument on the USB port you need to install drivers. If the drivers are not automatically installed they can be found on Download and install VCP drivers compatible with your operating system.

If it still does not work to connect try to disable UAC (User Account Control) in Windows.

When I try to login to measurement instrument using serial RS232 communication I get the error message ”Login failed”. What do I do wrong?

  1. Check that the serial number is filled in correct (10 digits).
  2. Check that you have selected the correct com port number. If you are using a USB-RS232 adapter then check the com port number in the device manager and the category Ports (Com and LPT). The device manager is found in the windows control panel. Don´t forget that the USB-RS232 adapter probably needs drivers in order to work

Measurement and Analysis

The measurement file will not open in PQ Viewer, what could be wrong?

Here are some things you can test.

  1. Make sure you have the latest PQ Viewer version. The latest version is always available on our Customer portal.
  2. Download the file again.
  3. If you have tried step 1 and 2 and you still can´t open the it then send the file to and we will try to fix it.

According to the report Unbalance is failed. The unbalance values are unreasonably high >100%. What could be wrong?

The voltage phases has been connected to the instrument with incorrect rotation/phase sequence. To fix this, shift phases L2 and L3 on the instrument. Also check that the status diode on the instrument does not blink with a blue light.

I have made an energy measurement with my instrument, but the recorded values and the direction of the energy does not seem correct. What could be wrong?

  1. Check that the voltage phases are connected with correct rotation/phase sequence.
  2. Check that the current clamps are connected in the correct direction. The arrow of the clamp should point towards the load.
  3. Check that the connected voltage and current phases has a matching rotation (I1 to U1 etc.).

Should I refer to phase voltages or phase voltages when I do a measurement?

The general recommendation for European Norm EN50160 and swedish standard EIFS2013:1 is that the voltage should be represented as phase voltages when the system nominal voltage is below 1000V. When the system reference voltage is above 1000V the recommendation is to represent voltages as phase to phase voltages.

When measuring in accordance with other national norms or standards check if the standard/norm has any specific recommendations/demands.

For how long do I need to measure in order to get a power quality report according to the national standard?

According to most power quality norms/standards the measurement period should last a whole week. When measuring with Metrums different measurement instruments this means that:

  • For all portable models the instrument need to measure for 7 full days, where a full day counts between 00:00 to 24:00. Practically this means that when a measurement is started it will need to measure during 8 days. For example, if the measurement is started on a Wednesday the measurement cannot be stopped until Thursday the following week if you want a report. In addition to the weekly report a daily report will be created for each 00:00 to 24:00 time period.
  • For instruments models designed for fixed installations, i.e. PQ120/140 or SC the weekly reports will always be generated at the beginning of the week at the day shift between Sunday and Monday. The measurement must have been ongoing throughout the entire previous week for the instrument to be able to generate a report.