Metrum Academy – your competence partner in Power Quality!

Metrum has unique and deep knowledge of measuring in the electrical grid, specifically in regards to energy and power quality.

Metrum works as a competence partner with its customers, coaching, training and supporting to ensure that customers receive the added value from their investments. Metrum believes in a long term partnership.

Because of the many years of experience and respected knowledge in the industry, Metrum has a wide network of partners and opinion leaders, which can be involved in creating success for its customers. Except working closely with universities, who use the Metrum products in their laboratories, Metrum has its own advanced laboratory for energy and power quality measurements. Metrum also continuously work on R&D projects with leading research institutes, government entities, large utilities and market leaders to ensure Metrum have the latest knowledge and deliver cutting edge solutions.

As part of being a competence partner, Metrum continuously offer training courses for its customers and other people. Standard and customised training courses in Sweden or abroad. Here are some examples of the courses offered:

  • Power Quality Introduction
  • Power Quality for Management
  • Advanced PQ Analysis
  • Power Quality Introduction & Laboratory Testing
  • Metrum Power Quality System Overview
  • Power Quality Trends & Future Seminar
  • Power Quality planning workshop
  • User Conference

Please contact Metrum for more information on the training courses, and for a discussion on your need to success- join Metrum Academy now!

Upcoming training courses

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