Business idea

Metrum develops and globally markets unique system solutions for measurement of energy, disturbances and faults in the area of power quality and corresponding applications in a way that makes it possible for Metrum’s customers to carry out analysis easily, with the aim of taking optimized action to save energy, reduce cost and reduce environmental impact.

This means that we will:

  • Supply answers, not questions
  • Bring added value to existing systems
  • Create modular standard solutions
  • Develop products in accordance with existing norms
  • Supply maximum information with minimum amount of data
  • Create products with unique performance at the best possible price

Core values


With expertise and knowledge we create user friendly and innovative solutions


We are driven by exceeding our customers and our own expectations


By always keeping our commitments to each other and our customers we create security


We make customers and employees feel included, heard and prioritized


Metrum Sweden AB was founded in 2004 with the intention of creating the next generation of power quality instruments and systems.

The background was the introduction of the new IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard in 2003. Power quality measurement was clearly defined for the first time.

With the starting point of a combination of high performance with simple operation and a unique price/performance relationship, Metrum created a completely unique product range.

By close collaboration with network companies, industries, research institutes and universities a market leading solution for efficient and intelligent energy and electrical quality monitoring has been developed.

Management and board

Leif Kristensson


Robert Olofsson


+46 (0) 707 77 85 40

Patrik Sjöstrand

Board member

Peter Axelberg

Member, Technical Advisory Board

Lars Olsson

Member, Technical Advisory Board


Metrum is owned by the Swedish government, a venture capital firm, angle investors as well as the staff. Below we have listed the most prominent owners.

Almi Invest – owned by the Swedish government – creates conditions for entrepreneur led growth companies to grow by investing capital and expertise on a regional basis together with other players in the venture capital markets. Almi Invest is organized in seven, regionally based, venture capital funds, of which Almi Invest Västsverige AB is one, and is owned by Almi Företagspartner AB together with regional players.

K-Svets Venture, a west Sweden venture capital company led by entrepreneur and company builder Leif Kristensson. Leif Kristensson founded Konstruktionssvets in Stenungsund 1969, specializing in advanced construction. Operating across the whole Nordic area, K-svets is employed in assignments involving the petrochemical industry, food industry and the paper industry.

Quality and environment

Metrum is certified according to the quality and environmental standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Quality policy

  • At Metrum Sweden AB, we shall be a professional supplier of products and system solutions.
  • We are sensitive to customers’ short term and long term needs.
  • We always act from the customer’s perspective, which means continued long term collaboration with our customers.
  • We supply services and products that meet the stated customer requirements.
  • Our operations follow the relevant laws and ordinances. Our quality work and quality management systems are developed through constant improvement.
  • All employees are responsible for following the quality policy in their daily work.

Environmental policy

  • In all its operations Metrum Sweden AB shall protect the environment by minimizing environmental impact and to make the environmental work a natural part of the operations.
  • Choice of components and production methods must be controlled by existing, and where possible future, national and international requirements for minimized environmental impact.
  • Metrum Sweden AB meets the applicable legislation and places similar demands on our suppliers, sub-consultants and partners.
  • When selecting material, equipment and transport the best environmental alternative must be selected.
  • All waste must be sorted as far as possible.
  • All employees and employed consultants must participate in our practical environmental work.
  • We continuously develop our own environmental work and environmental management system using environmental assessments and continuous updating of environmental objectives.