High-End Portable Power Quality Instrument

The Metrum PQX3-FR-P Portable Instrument is developed to meet the latest measurement requirements including both Class A Power Quality (PQI-A) and full featured Fault Recording techniques.

The instrument are equipped with multiple voltage and current inputs and can be used for many different measurement applications. Highest measurement performance provides reliable results in demanding environments including electrical grid sites, industrial areas, wind farms and solar cell parks.


Highest Measurement Performance

The PQX3-FR-P has an improved measurement performance including a high sample rate (1024 samples/period) and several different measurement channels. The improved disturbance detection, trig mechanisms and measurements of higher harmonics, makes the instrument excellent for not only performing normative measurements according to the voltage quality standards, but also for being a versatile means of detecting all kinds of problems in the electrical grid.


Remote Realtime Supervision and Control

The remote connectivity facilitates easy access, configuration and data analysis from the office. The instrument can also utilize an existing communication infrastructure using e.g. Modbus, IEC61850 or OPC‑UA. This alternative can save a lot of money and gives an easier way for effective remotely managed measurements.


Technical specifications


Parameters Specification Information PQX3-FR-P
Voltage Inputs 0-460 V RMS Differential voltage inputs (+/-), 51,2 kHz/channel 4
Voltage HV Inputs 0-6 kV peak Built-in high frequency inputs (1 MHz) 4
Current Inputs (BNC) 2 V RMS Current Clamp Inputs 51,2 kHz/channel 4
Current Inputs 0-10 A RMS Differential current inputs (+/-), 51,2 kHz/channel 5
General Inputs 4-20 mA General measurement inputs 4
Digital Inputs 20 V peak - 150 V peak Digital inputs supporting FR-options 4
Digital Outputs Max 150 Vpeak (0.1 A) For alarm and control 2

Power Supply

Parameters Specification Information PQX3-FR-P
Power Supply Range 85-264 VAC/110-350 VDC (47-63 Hz) Yes
Internal Backup Yes

Norm Conformity

Parameters Specification Information PQX3-FR-P
IEC 62056, PQI-A Power Quality Instrument Product Standard Yes
IEC 61000-4-30, Class A, ED.3 < 0,1 % Reference instrument Yes
IEC 61000-4-7 Harmonic measurements Yes
IEC 61000-4-15 Flicker measurements Yes
EN 50 160 Calculated in the instrument Yes
EIFS 2013:1 Calculated in the instrument Yes
National standards (FoL, DEFU, Netcode NL, ZS387 etc) Wide range of standards supported Yes
User defined reports Calculated in the instrument Yes
Storage intervals Selectable storage intervals Yes
PQDIF format Optional export Yes


Parameters Information PQX3-FR-P
Memory 32 GB
Sampling-rate, U/I Standard Inputs Selectable sampling frequency 51,2 kHz
Sampling-rate, HV Inputs 1 MHz
Accuracy IEC 61000-4-30, Class A < 0,1 %
Resolution (U/I) Voltage/Current Inputs 16 bit
Resolution (GI) General Inputs 12 bit
Input Impedance - Voltage Inputs 10 MOhm
Input Impedance - Current Inputs (I5-I9) 10 mOhm
Anti-alias filter Yes
PLL-synchronisation Yes


Parameters Information PQX3-FR-P
USB Computer port Yes
USB 2 Data storage Yes
Ethernetport 1 (RJ-45) Supports Modbus-TCP/OPC-UA/IEC61850 Yes
Ethernetport 2 (RJ-45) For redundancy Yes
Time synchronization For external time synchonization (NTP/PTP/IRIG-B) Yes