Strategic collaboration for optimised operations and preventive measures

In 2022, Metrum signed a framework agreement with Svenska kraftnät (TSO) that includes the delivery of new power quality and control meters that will be installed in all substations. The collaboration sharply increases the number of sophisticated meters in Sweden’s transmission grid.

“We’re pleased that Svenska kraftnät has chosen Metrum as its supplier, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in order to strengthen the Swedish electricity grid and make it possible to take preventive measures to optimise operations,” says Robert Olofsson, CEO, Metrum.

Metrum’s PQR control meters have been installed in all substations (400/130 kV) for continuous metering of both electric-power quality and energy. Svenska kraftnät has also installed Metrum SC instruments to measure the substations’ auxiliary power.

Metrum is already a system supplier to Svenska kraftnät and, in addition to its control meters, the company has also delivered a large number of substation meters to measure auxiliary power, HVDC meters and meters for proactive disturbance analysis and fault detection.

Svenska kraftnät uses Metrum PQ Controller DB, which is Metrum’s comprehensive collection and analysis system for conducting ongoing analyses. Svenska kraftnät has also integrated Metrum’s system into a number of external systems to maximise the utilisation of collected measurement data.

Results of the collaboration
  • Basis for predictive maintenance work
  • Qualified disturbance analysis for improved fault detection
  • Safeguarded control measurement of energy at the main grid’s substations
  • Scope for charting comprehensive electric-power quality within the transmission grid
  • System integration that provides scope for sharing measurement data with other analysis systems

Svenska kraftnät is the TSO (transmission system operator) authority responsible for Sweden’s power system. Sweden’s electricity transmission grid comprises roughly 16,000 km of power lines, more than 175 transformer and switching substations, as well as AC and DC connections abroad.

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