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January 15, 2020News

Metrum expands the development and sales team and welcomes Ia Almström as new SW Team Lead and Johan Stenfeldt as new Technical Sales Representative on the Swedish market!

During 2019, Metrum has experienced great growth in the Nordic countries and Sweden and have, a head of 2020, expanded the sales team with Johan Stenfeldt,who has taken up a new position as a technical sales representive. Johan will focus mainly on sales in the Southern & Western parts of Sweden and work closely with Peter Bratt (Sales Manager Nordic) and Amrish Kubavat (KAM / Industry). Metrum’s system solutions today includes a variety of applications in everything from analysis programs, arrow_forward

January 8, 2020News

The minister of energy in Uganda highlights Metrum Sweden AB in the MOU signed between Sweden and Uganda.

Metrum has been working closely with the distribution company UMEME to ensure security of supply with focus on reducing energy losses. Now Sweden and Ugandan have signed an MOU taking our business to another level. The minister of energy Irene Mukoni says: “Newer companies like Metrum who are in the business of ensuring efficiency within the grid network show that the focus of Sweden’s businesses is still strongly centered around reliability and efficiency, which Uganda can greatly benefit from” We are off course very grateful to have this opportunity, arrow_forward

November 22, 2019News

Metrum recently won a major procurement of over 200 new control meters for Svenska Kraftnät (Transmission network)

Svenska Kraftnät has previously chosen Metrum’s meters (PQR / PQX3-FR) for installation in hundreds of stations of the swedish power grid (400 kV) and with Metrum’s measurement and analysis system “METRUM PQMS – PQ CONTROLLER” for continuous analysis of power quality and interference. The system has previously also been integrated with Svenska Kraftnät’s stations computer concept and energy monitoring system for continuous control measurement of both energy consumption and power quality.   Metrum’s CEO – Robert Olofsson “We are very pleased to have been selected as a priority supplier to Svenska Kraftnät and look forward to further fruitful cooperation focusing on proactive network analysis and system integration for maximum benefit from Metrum’s measurement system in transmission networks” arrow_forward

Market leading solutions for power quality measurement

Metrum develops world leading, intelligent measurement systems for power quality, and offers customers ground breaking innovations based on scientific research. With the implementation of artificial intelligence, Metrum now provides customers with the next generation of custom made solutions in power quality measurement.

Custom solutions arrow_forward

Metrum offers its customers tailor made comprehensive solutions for power quality measurement, where the customer's unique requirements comprise the foundation for the delivered solution.

Instruments arrow_forward

Metrum delivers several market leading measurement instruments for energy and power quality, with unique and maximum capacity.

Systems arrow_forward

Through Metrum's extensive system application, customers are offered a user friendly overview of advanced power quality analyses.

Metrum's cases

Copperbelt Energy arrow_forward

By measuring power quality, the Zambian electricity company The Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc (CEC) delivers better products to their customers, and can better comply with the applicable standards, as reporting to the regulator.

Sandvik arrow_forward

Sandvik Materials Technology, SMT, has invested in Metrum’s measurement system to reduce energy consumption. Awareness of power quality and reactive power, as well as a wider interest in energy efficiency activities, are all positive side effects.


Today's modern power system includes completely new technical solutions which create a more complex power environment. With rising energy prices, there are increasing demands from both energy companies and end-users for both reliable delivery quality and optimal power quality, so that equipment can function satisfactorily in its environment. In the end, both these aspects lead to cost savings.

Metrum’s intelligent measuring system provides a solution for this in a variety of fields, as energy companies, industry, renewable energy, real estate, the marine sector, and others.

Read more about Metrum's involvement in these industries here.

About us

Metrum develops and globally markets unique system solutions for measurement of energy, disturbances and faults in the area of power quality and corresponding applications in a way that makes it possible for Metrum’s customers to carry out analysis easily, with the aim of taking optimized action to save energy, reduce cost and reduce environmental impact.

This means that we will:

  • Supply answers, not questions
  • Bring added value to existing systems
  • Create modular standard solutions
  • Develop products in accordance with existing norms
  • Supply maximum information with minimum amount of data
  • Create products with unique performance at the best possible price