Metrum PQX3 with the FFR option provides measurement data for distributed frequency control in the power grid. Together with Metrum’s partners, compliance with the Fast Frequency Reserve regulation has been achieved.

Maintaining a balance between supply and demand of power is of great importance. Failing to do so causes the power frequency to fluctuate and deviate from 50 Hz (or 60 Hz), which may in turn lead to massive outages. The transition to a greater mix of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power leads to new challenges and opportunities in this field. The frequency control system needs to be much faster than before to cope with the variation in power production and the lack of inertia.

This is where the Metrum PQX3 FFR option comes into the picture. FFR stands for Fast Frequency Reserve, which is a way to implement this control in a decentralized manner using large battery facilities. Metrum PQX3 FFR provides accurate, fast and robust measurement data to enable this functionality, and compliance to the FFR regulation has been proven in field installations in collaboration with Metrum’s partners.

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