We are currently experiencing a great demand for our products, which is very gratifying. Over the past year, we noted record sales in our Swedish domestic market, continued growth in a number of international markets and, not least, significantly improved earnings.

The electricity sector is challenged by a lack of capacity in sections of the electricity grid and by a rising share of renewable energy sources. In addition, a number of local grids are rapidly changing, which in the aggregate translates into an ongoing and growing need for proactive measurements and dynamic solutions.

Thanks to our successful positioning in these developments, Metrum has won a strategically important procurement from Svenska Kraftnät. The framework agreement covers the provision of a large number of electric power-quality meters and control meters to Sweden’s transmission grid.

We have also further developed measuring instruments and systems for control and regulation. This adds great value as it enables us to supplement qualified measurements with dynamic control of, for example, energy storage and capacitor banks. In addition, new functions are being added, such as active load disconnection in the event of outages and major frequency changes in the power grid.

A number of new products will be launched in 2023, and we will be presenting the first of them at this year’s Elfack trade fair on energy and electrification in Gothenburg. Further details can be found in this newsletter and in our news feed on the website. Be seeing you!

Robert Olofsson
CEO, Metrum