At the beginning of 2020, Metrum’s new hosting service “Metrum Cloud” was launched. The solution has been very well received by our customers as a very user-friendly offering real savings. Metrum Cloud is sold as a service where Metrum administers the hole system, including configuration of instruments, adding new users, adding applications etc.

In addition, Metrum is responsible for continuous operational control and for ongoing upgrades of the system. Metrum Cloud includes in a central database (SQL Server) where all measurement data is handled and Metrum’s web client “PQ WEB”. It is easy to customize users’ rights in the system with different levels of access or data displayed.

Metrum PQ WEB includes everything from event lists, reports and long-term data for various measurement parameters which again is very user-friendly. As it is a web application, no separate installation of other software is needed!

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