Deputy Minister of Trade from Sweden, Mr Niklas Johansson, highlighted the importance of measurements, including at power quality, during his key note at Africa Utility Week, 14-16 May 2019 in Cape Town. Minister of Energy, Mr Jeff  Radebe, from South Africa, attended the Nordic Utility Days as well and stated that the economy is not growing in line with expectations in South Africa and that the energy sector is the engine of economic growth. There is a need to increase the energy generation and old infrastructure needs to be upgraded due to renewable energy. He also underlined that interruptions in the grid is an issue, including load shredding at Eskom.

Metrum attended the Africa Utility Week with its CEO and Managing Director Magnus Andersson and Metrum Business Development Manager for Africa, Mr Ola Karlsson. Metrum and Mr Karlsson shared his experiences at the Nordic Utility Days panel on Metrum’s success in the Nordic countries and around the world, proving that Metrum is a true global leader of power quality measurements, including a market leader in the Nordic countries. Now also adding unique artificial intelligence solutions to the area or power quality, investing a lot in R&D, ensuring sustainable future leadership.

Team Sweden attended, where the Embassy of Sweden, Business Sweden and the Swedish Energy Agency as well as the Swedish Government is fully committed to electrify Africa. Metrum, as a partly Swedish government owned company,  is proud to be part of this team and fully committed to delivery power quality success in Africa, including focusing on knowledge transfer and capacity building with support from Team Sweden.