Today’s electricity grid is more challenging than ever and not least low – voltage grids where there is a rapid change with expansive installation of photovoltaic systems together with sharply increased power consumption in local parts thanks to more and more electric car charging stations.

For the above reasons, Metrum has further developed our previous meter adapted especially for low-voltage networks and substations and is now releasing an updated substation analyzer – Metrum SC (FR).

The new substation analyzer is focused on meeting all measurement needs in low voltage networks and includes both fully normal power quality measurement and reporting according to EN 50 160 as well as new measurement algorithms for advanced interference analysis with the ability to detect incipient and intermittent faults in low voltage networks.

The new Metrum SC (FR) is easily installed as a stand-alone meter on e.g. existing meter panel but can also be offered in a nested solution including battery backup and router from AddSecure which can be used for measurement in all different measuring points of low voltage networks. In addition to substation measurement, the new Metrum SC (FR) is used with advantage for measuring e.g. charging stations, photovoltaic systems and for measurements in an industrial environment.

 The solution means that measurement data can be transmitted continuously to central analysis systems (eg Metrum PQ Controller, Metrum PQ WEB, NIS, SCADA) and that direct alarms are obtained for both incipient and triggered faults in low-voltage networks.

The new solution provides an opportunity for network companies to gain better control over the supply and power quality in their low-voltage networks and to work preventively by the meters alerting in the event of any deviations such as e.g. short-term voltage and current changes, which can give an early indication before major errors occur that lead to interruptions and costly disruptions for both end customers and network companies.