Metrum and AddSecure have started a successful collaboration, developing “Plug and play” package solution for remotely controlled power quality monitoring.

The solution enables a fast, simple installation and commissioning for advanced qualified measuring and analysis of power quality in secondary substations, charging stations, solar stations and more.

The low voltage grid is already burdened today by new electrical loads and generation such as charging stations for electrical vehicles to solar parks. The low voltage power quality monitoring solution “Plug & Play” enables an improved control and overview of local areas of the electrical grid. In addition, it provides the ability to early prevent and encounter bottle necks which commonly occur. Examples of problems that frequently arise close to new micro generation and new loads are voltage variations, higher voltage levels and increased reactive power contribution.

The “plug & play” solution includes Metrum SC class A PQ instrument and AddSecure´s communication router in a robust and weather resistant enclosure with backup batteries both for communication and PQ instrument. The communication solution is developed for direct real time data transfer to SCADA systems and it improves the monitoring of the low voltage electrical grid as a part of a low voltage- SCADA.

The image below shows the enclosure with the power quality instrument and router which are very easy to install in secondary substations and distribution post or other similar environments.