Metrum Sweden AB helps the mining industry be more productive

The mining industry are both heavy energy consuming and have
a delicate production process. The energy cost is one mayor direct costs for the mining industry. Many mines have also their own generation plants to
supply the need of energy. The energy is vital for the production. Metrum Sweden AB offers class A power quality instruments and monitoring system.

A power quality instruments and monitoring system. Poor power quality in the form of
voltage dips and harmonics, causes for example major problems and production down time. With the help of power quality measuring, problems can be detected and prevented. The measurement instruments are placed in strategic points in the mine and
all data are stored in a database and can be monitored in real time and long-term statistics with the powerful user-friendly system provided by Metrum. If any event occurs the automatic alarm is sent. The system gives the knowhow to make the correct and precise modifications in the factory.

Another aspect is that the system increases the knowledge of how electrical energy is
used and how consumption can be reduced. The system is a tool to identify causes of costly energy loses. The system has helped Metrum´s industry customers to reduce penalties regarding reactive power from grid owners. Common problems in the mining sector is reactive power, harmonics, and unbalance. This causes penalties and productivity losses. The Metrum monitoring system will give the answer to the health of the electrical system and is a tool for continuous improvement and realising savings and productivity increase.