As one of the first companies in the world, Metrum – world leader in research and development for energy and power quality – recently certified its new instrument platform PQX3 and its latest instrument model PQX3-FR according to the new product standard IEC 62586. The standard makes it easier for users to choose the right type of measurement instruments, and many international utility companies already have the new product standard as a mandatory requirement in their tender specifications.

Certification for Metrum PQX3 has been issued by the independent test laboratory NMi in Holland, which is a distinguished, internationally accredited specialist institute for tests, certifications and training in the field of metrology. They are also one of the few laboratories in the world that can issue certification according to the new comprehensive product standard for power quality measurement instruments (IEC 62586).


Metrum PQX3-FR is now certified according to the new
product standard IEC 62586.

“It feels very good that the certification process has been completed. This is proof that Metrum PQX3 and PQX3-FR are among the most accurate and trusted measurement instruments in the world,” says Robert Olofsson, CTO at Metrum.

The new product standard adds a new dimension to power quality measurement instruments, and also includes the former central measurement standard for instruments IEC 61000-4-30 (class A), which was also recently updated (Ed3). The product standard makes it easier for users of measurement instruments to know the type of instrument that should be selected for various measurement tasks and for different environments. Among other things, the requirements for a Class A instruments (PQI-A, Power Quality Instruments, Class A) are defined, as well as how measurement instruments are to be tested to enable external certification. Another very important aspect of the standard is that it not only describes the requirements and tests relating to the accuracy, but also defines the environmental requirements and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility).

Proud employees at Metrum after the certification.

“Measurement instruments must provide reliable accuracy and function in the environments for which they are specified and certified, and not just in laboratory environments,” says Magnus Andersson, CEO at Metrum. “The product standard ultimately means that it will be easier for customers to decide which instruments are most appropriate for various application areas and environments, and it will show whether a measurement instrument is dependable and complies with its specifications.”

Many major international electrical utility companies have already started using the new standard in tender specifications and purchasing, such as Enel in Italy, which is represented in many countries.