We have released a completely new version of Metrum software with features that speed up the system
and make it easier to analyze data. The software is available to our customers with service agreements.

If you have signed a service agreement, we ask you to contact support to gain access to our download area with a new password.
You can also contact us if you do not have a service agreement but want to know more about what it means.

You can reach us on telephone number +46 31-712 63 50 or via email to support@metrum.se.

Note that the new software differs slightly from the previous version, which means, among other things,
that the database needs to be restructured in correlation with the installation. Installation and updating can take a long time – from an hour, to one or a few days depending on the size of the database.
Therefore, pause all data downloads and back up the database before performing the update.

We hope that the new software will help to further increase the benefit and value of our solutions.
Feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments!