Marine sector

Electrical systems on board ships have been steadily modernized and in the present marine environments they include internal electrical networks with the latest technological solutions. This covers operation via electric motors, backup and reserve power systems and comprehensive control and monitoring systems to ensure energy optimized and reliable operation of the relevant vessel.

Modern electrical systems require monitoring

Today’s modern electrical systems in the shipping industry use the latest technological solutions available. This covers optimized operation of the relevant vessel with everything from diesel units to control systems and powerful electric motors for both operation and maneuvering via bow thrusters.

This places increased demands on using new, modern inverters on board because these are considerably lighter than the older variants. However, they are more sensitive to their power environment.

Recommended solution for ships and marine power environments

The new modern electrical systems on board ships require increased monitoring to ensure optimized operation. This solution recommends the use of Metrum’s intelligent measurement instrument installed at critical points of the ship’s electrical network and continuously documenting any disturbances in the electrical system.

The measurement instrument can be configured to send an alarm to the central monitoring system on board when disturbances occur. Each individual measurement instrument can be configured via configuration environments to detect deviations in the electrical supply on board, even for lower levels, which means that it is possible to predict major problems that can in turn create operational stoppages.

Both stored measurement information and alarms can also be sent to land based monitoring systems so that the maintenance company can send the correct personnel and equipment for the relevant operating problem. This solution is a good investment that leads to more efficient maintenance work and ongoing cost savings.