Colbún Transmisión S.A. is a Chilean power transmission company fully owned by Colbún S.A.

Colbún Tranmisión S.A. owns 940 kms of transmission lines and 28 substations. Colbún S.A. has a total installed capacity of 3,9 GW in Chile and Perú.

The project will investigate how huge end consumer affects the national transmission grid. Metrum will supply the high-end multi-instrument PQX3-FR and Power Quality Measurement System (PQMS). The PQMS will monitoring the grid and detect the health of the system enabling preventive maintenance. To measure is to know and is the key to secure the supply of energy. A constant monitoring both in real time and gather statistical data of a long time period with an intelligent system will assure the correct information to take the decisions to secure the supply and avoid faults in the grid.