February 6, 2019News

Swedish government in partnership with Metrum

Metrum receives another financial contribution from Swedfund, the Swedish government Development Finance Institution of the Swedish state. Their goal is to eliminate poverty by creating sustainable business in some of the world’s toughest and most promising growth markets. The financial support via Swedpartnership makes it possible to allocate resources necessary to build stable, long-term and fruitful relations. arrow_forward

December 12, 2018News

Metrum, an R&D leader in enabling renewable energy in the grid, using energy storage and AI technologies

The EU-financed research and development project ACES has now started. https://www.acesproject.eu/. Metrum is the project leader and in partnerships with six other companies from Sweden, Norway and Germany will deliver Adaptive Control of Energy Storage. This will enable a stable energy efficient grid while implementing renewable energy production, using the latest technologies within energy storage. Metrum will continue to be the global leader in energy and power quality measurements. arrow_forward