November 16, 2020News

Metrum Sweden AB will participate in the Swedish Mining Initiative for the Chilean mining industry on the 2nd and 3rd of December, together with Business Sweden and other Swedish companies in an online event to show solutions to make the mining sector more productive.

Metrum Sweden AB helps the mining industry be more productive The mining industry are both heavy energy consuming and have a delicate production process. The energy cost is one mayor direct costs for the mining industry. Many mines have also their own generation plants to supply the need of energy. The energy is vital for the production. Metrum Sweden AB offers class A power quality instruments and monitoring system. A power quality instruments and monitoring system. arrow_forward

October 2, 2020News

Success for Metrum’s new hosting service “Metrum Cloud”!

At the beginning of 2020, Metrum’s new hosting service “Metrum Cloud” was launched. The solution has been very well received by our customers as a very user-friendly offering real savings. Metrum Cloud is sold as a service where Metrum administers the hole system, including configuration of instruments, adding new users, adding applications etc. In addition, Metrum is responsible for continuous operational control and for ongoing upgrades of the system. Metrum Cloud includes in a central database (SQL Server) where all measurement data is handled and Metrum’s web client “PQ WEB”. arrow_forward

August 28, 2020News

New plug & play solution: for remote monitor grid analysis for low voltage grid (LSP SCADA) – Metrum and AddSecure

Metrum and AddSecure have started a successful collaboration, developing “Plug and play” package solution for remotely controlled power quality monitoring. The solution enables a fast, simple installation and commissioning for advanced qualified measuring and analysis of power quality in secondary substations, charging stations, solar stations and more. The low voltage grid is already burdened today by new electrical loads and generation such as charging stations for electrical vehicles to solar parks. The low voltage power quality monitoring solution “Plug & arrow_forward

July 30, 2020News

Metrum selected as partner in academic collaboration with Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Royal Institute of Technology KTH of Sweden

Metrum Sweden AB have started collaboration to share knowhow in smart grids and artificial intelligence together with the academic partners Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Royal Institute of Technology KTH of Sweden. The aim is to start academic collaboration and show the commercial sector the ongoing investigations and commercial existing applications for smart grids and use of AI for secure energy supply, introduction of renewable energy, energy efficiency, preventive maintenance.   arrow_forward

May 29, 2020News

Colbún Transmision SA have selected Metrum Sweden AB to provide Power Quality Measurement System (PQMS) in strategic points of its transmission network

Colbún Transmisión S.A. is a Chilean power transmission company fully owned by Colbún S.A. Colbún Tranmisión S.A. owns 940 kms of transmission lines and 28 substations. Colbún S.A. has a total installed capacity of 3,9 GW in Chile and Perú. The project will investigate how huge end consumer affects the national transmission grid. Metrum will supply the high-end multi-instrument PQX3-FR and Power Quality Measurement System (PQMS). The PQMS will monitoring the grid and detect the health of the system enabling preventive maintenance. arrow_forward