May 18, 2018News

Press Release: Metrum Wins Important Power Quality Order with Tata Power in India – smart electrical grids will improve power quality

Swedish Metrum, one of the world’s leading energy and power quality measurement companies, has received a groundbreaking order from Tata Power in Mumbai. The order includes the provision by Metrum of energy and power quality systems to the electric distribution company Tata Power, which is one of the foremost power companies in India. After a thorough tender process, with fierce competition, Metrum was awarded the contract. The initial order is for 20 measurement instruments and system, arrow_forward

May 9, 2018News

Metrum awarded new EU-project: Adaptive Control of Energy Storage (ACES)

Building upon the results of the earlier European Pattern Recognition project, Metrum and partners will focus on developing Artificial Intelligence in battery storage control, using Metrum’s advanced power quality measurement systems. By developing advanced measurement technology and adaptive control algorithms, energy storage in the grid will be more profitable and contribute more to the stability and optimal use of the power grid. Combined with new business models and innovative billing solutions, we aim to trigger wide-scale deployment in the power grid, arrow_forward

February 20, 2018News

Press Release: Metrum add new capital via equity issuance and doubling number of employees

The Swedish company Metrum, a world-leading measurement and power quality company, is adding new capital through equity issuance in order to further develop AI for use in electricity power quality. The technology enables Metrum to predict shortcomings and disruptions in the electrical grid. Owing to the equity issuance, the company shortly will be able to double the number of employees at its head office in Gothenburg, as well as increase the pace of its global expansion. arrow_forward

October 15, 2017News

Metrum certified according to new product standard

As one of the first companies in the world, Metrum – world leader in research and development for energy and power quality – recently certified its new instrument platform PQX3 and its latest instrument model PQX3-FR according to the new product standard IEC 62586. The standard makes it easier for users to choose the right type of measurement instruments, and many international utility companies already have the new product standard as a mandatory requirement in their tender specifications. arrow_forward